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Brewery | UPDATE: 2016'10'01

Toyonoaki sakes have arrived for the first time in Australia with two varieties! 

toyonoaki AKA LABEL -Junmai
●Rice Type/Gohyakumangoku (Shimane)
●Rice polishing ratio/65-70%
●Alcohol/15.4% ●SMV/+4.0 ●Acidity/1.5 ●Amino Acid/1.4 ●Yeast/#901

toyonoaki AO LABEL -Junmai Namazume Genshu
●Rice Type/Gohyakumangoku (Shimane)
●Rice polishing ratio/65-70%
●Alcohol/17.8% ●SMV/+4.5 ●Acidity/1.8 ●Amino Acid/1.7 ●Yeast/#901

※Namazume: Usually, sake is heat sterilezed twice, before tank storage and at bottling. Namazume is sake pasteurized prior to tank storage but not at bottling.
※Genshu: Undiluted sake

 "Share a piece of Shimane with the rest of the world."
This feeling served as our inspiration that sparked this series. As the first step toward our goal, we take great pride in introducing to you our junmai sake made with Shimane-grown "Gohyakumangoku". "Gohyakumangoku", a popular rice strain specially developed for sake-brewing, is one of the most widely cultivated variety of rice in Japan and Shimane. Possessing a delicate flavor, this is a hardy type of rice that goes well with many dishes.
The sake we crafted shares the refreshing smoothness and gentle aroma of this special type of rice. Served at your preferred temperature, please enjoy a glass of our sake as the perfect accompaniment to any of your favorite dishes.

We look forward to seeing you and to sharing kanpai in Australia!

(Retail: TOKYO MART Sydney)


IZUMO JIDENSHU: Sake for Cooking

Brewery | UPDATE: 2016'06'20

The Izumo Jidenshu is a unique sake that has been brewed in the Izumo region in eastern Shimane. Originally made to drink, it was later used in cooking. In the 1930s it was still brewed by only four breweries, but production was discontinued during the wartime.  

In 1989, the Matsue Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched "the Matsue Way Association" (Matsue Ryu no kai) for the promotion of the local specialities. The idea of reviving Izumo Jidenshu was proposed, and after extensive research and trial brewing, Izumo Jidenshu was revived after a half century hiatus, and brewed here at Yoneda Sake Brewery.

This Izumo Jidenshu has arrived in Europe!

For more information
Nishikidori Blog : The Izumo Jidenshu: the only true cooking sake
Saké à cuisiner IZUMO JIDENSHU 13% - 720 ml

【Photo】Sake Brewing Season

Brewery | UPDATE: 2013'11'19

A sake brewer, Shibata-san said, "It's been freezing, but still warm during the daytime for brewing sake."   Winter is the best season to brew good sake.

Rice washing

Rice steaming in the old wooden koshiki (steaming machine)

Steamed rice


In Matsue City, the first snow of this season was observed on November 18. 
Today's highest temperature is 7 °C (= 44 ° F).