【Photo】Sake Brewing Season

Brewery | UPDATE: 2013'11'19

A sake brewer, Shibata-san said, "It's been freezing, but still warm during the daytime for brewing sake."   Winter is the best season to brew good sake.

Rice washing

Rice steaming in the old wooden koshiki (steaming machine)

Steamed rice


In Matsue City, the first snow of this season was observed on November 18. 
Today's highest temperature is 7 °C (= 44 ° F).


TOYONOAKI received 2 awards at 2013 Sake Competition held by Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau

Award | UPDATE: 2013'11'04

We are pleased to inform you that 2 of Toyonoaki sakes won

<Honor Award> Daiginjo "Nakadori" (fragrant sake section)
Daiginjo (Hiroshima branch of the National Tax Agency)2.jpg

<Honor Award> Tokubetsu Junmai "Suzume & Inaho" (warmed sake section)
Suzume& Inaho (Hiroshima branch of the National Tax Agency).jpg

at the Sake Competition held by Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau on October, 2013.

Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau - Result

We will continue to concentrate on brewing high quality sake.

【Photo】Doburoku Festival at Saka Shrine (Oct 13)

Shimane Pref. | UPDATE: 2013'10'18

The Doburoku festival which dates back to the Muromachi period (1336-1573) is still held at Saka Shrine on October 13 every year.
Worshippers and visitors are given doburoku (old-style unfiltered sake) brewed at this shrine, and pray for a rich harvest and well-being of their family.

 Torii Gate, the entrance to Saka Shrine
Torii Gate-b.jpg

saka shrine-20.jpgKagura-20.jpg

Dedicated sake barrels
Sake barrels-20.jpg

A small storage tank for doburoku

rice field-20.jpgTorii Gate2-20.jpg

Here comes again the season of sake brewing.

TOYONOAKI received 2 awards at 2013 London Sake Challenge

Award | UPDATE: 2013'09'30

In September 2013, the Sake Sommelier Association announced the winning sake at London Sake Challenge.

2013 London Sake Challenge – Result

TOYONOAKI won the following 2 awards.

<Gold> Tokubetsu Junmai "Suzume & Inaho"
LSC suzume.jpg    
Judges comment: Perfect for sake beginners as well as experienced.

<Silver> Junmai Ginjo "All Matsue"
LSC matsue.jpg
Judges comment: Elegant and smooth sake with distinctive characters.

 Get more information about London Sake Challenge

TOYONOAKI Daiginjo "Tobindori" received the GOLD award at the 2013 U.S. National Sake Appraisal

Award | UPDATE: 2013'09'24

We are pleased to announce that Toyonoaki Daiginjo “Tobindori” won the highest quality, “gold” award, in the Daiginjo section B (40-50% or less polishing ratio) of the 2013 U.S. National Sake Appraisal.

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