Our Passions


 We here at Yoneda Sake Brewery are deeply committed to providing our customers with the best sake possible. Our ideal sake is one that, as it touches your tongue, first provides you with a delicate sweetness which expands to the rich flavor and full aroma of our sake as you enjoy a full sip, then leaves you with a refreshing aftertaste. Simply put, our sake brings out the natural flavor of the rice used to brew it.

Our Passion for Local Sake


 Just what is “local sake?” It is sake that uses ingredients produced in the area where it is being brewed. At Yoneda Sake Brewery, we use as much locally grown rice as possible, as well as delicious local spring water, and all of our products are brewed by head brewers from around Shimane.

Our Passion for Quality Rice


 More than 80% of the rice we use for brewing sake is grown right here in Shimane Prefecture. In particular, our Pure Rice Premium Brew “All Matsue” is brewed using only organically fertilized rice grown by local contracted farmers.

Our Passion for Quality Water


 We use naturally occurring spring water from a soft water spring that we found on a mountain near the Tamatsukuri Hot Springs area west of central Matsue after an extensive search. Soft water is best suited to sake brewing, and this spring helps us make delicious sake for you, the customer. 

Our Passion for Brewing Quality Sake as a Companion to Meals


 Toyonoaki has developed along with the culinary culture of Matsue. Due to this fact, our Toyonoaki sake does not drown out the flavor of foods, but enhances it. Toyonoaki is, rather than sake that is to be enjoyed by itself, sake that should be enjoyed during a meal. We always keep the concept of “sake as a companion to foods” in mind when we brew Toyonoaki.